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Discord's largest trading server since 2016


Established in September 2016, Trade Central now operates as the largest Discord trading server. For all your favorite games, Trade Central is a proactive leader in safe trading and community involvement.

protect your trade

Trade Central and our affiliates work hard to make trading safe and convenient through bot development and database management.

Automate trading message posts, customize search filters for specific items, and add custom links and footers to your profile!
Middleman service
Trade Central secures your trade by creating a private chat for you, your trader, and your middleman.                                                            
The TC wallet
Securely exchange cryptocurrency for in-game items! It’s free to set up and we don’t charge fees for your transactions.                            
Steam & Chrome Plugins
Automatically check our consolidated database of registered scammers directly from your steam window or chrome browser.            
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Our community outreach extends across a variety of social media platforms to keep you involved!

Text trading, voice trading, and numerous community events!
Receive discount codes and enter huge giveaways!                        
Enter weekly giveaways and hang with the fam!                        
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Trade Central has partnered up with many of the brands you already know to improve your experience.